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sourdough culture

Homemade Sourdough Culture

Whether you’re a home baker or a professional one, sourdough culture is one of the cornerstones of bread making and poses a challenge for all of us. I started in making sourdough cultures for my breads a few years ago but even though I am familiar with the sourdough maintenance, it is still a big commitment […]

self-rising flour

Baking powder

Using baking powder in baking is quite common and contribute to the texture of the pastry, no doubt about that, let’s dig into this powder a bit to understand its role in baking and how to use it better. Baking powder is so common we hardly stop and ask what’s in this chemical powder that makes […]

self-rising flour

How To Make Self-Rising Flour at Home

I had a different conception of self-rising flour in the past. I always thought it had some sort of proofing agents that are not accessible for the home baker to make at home. I was very wrong, self rising flour is just your usual all-purpose flour mixed with baking powder and salt, nothing more to it. Advantages in […]

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