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Enjoy the Hedonistic Taste of Homemade Bread

Tired of the same old bread you get from the supermarket?

Roll those sleeves up and make your own!

With FoolProofBaking, you have a fine selection of simple recipes that are easy-to-follow and just perfect for bread lovers everywhere. Using some classic recipes (and a few new ones), we’ve come up with a list of recipes that are crispy, light and fresh.

Don’t believe those who say that making bread is difficult. All you need is the right recipe, a little help from some professional bakers and some good ol’ fashioned hard work to make bread that’ll have you reaching for more.

Healthy and delicious, our bread recipes range from the basic sourdough starter and rye bread recipes to vegan, gluten-free recipes.

Go ahead and take on the challenge. Make some bread!

Double-fed Sourdough Rye

Double-fed Sourdough Rye

The Double-fed sourdough Rye is one of my favorite bread versions, it’s not a spontaneous bread loaf to prepare, it stretches over 2 days (sometimes 2 and a half) however the results is spectacular and most important, although this bread has a big title hanging over it, actual kitchen work is minimal with almost no kneading. […]

Rustic Baguettes

Rustic Baguettes

I have to admit, Baguettes are one of my favorite breads ever, it is the perfect bread to accompany any meal and its shape is just amazing for your dream sandwich, my favorite is the simplest kind; gouda cheese and ham with butter and olive oil, yummy. Anyone who’s been to France can easily remember the […]

thin crust pizza

Thin Crust Pizza

What can be more fun than pizza night? it’s the kids favorite dinner and I have to say I really like it as well, we usually make the thin crust pizza which is my preferred version. The thing about pizza is that you don’t need to be a super baker in order get it right, […]

3 stage rye sourdough bread

3 Stage Rye Sourdough Bread

The 3 stage rye sourdough bread is a kind of loaf you need to have patience in order to get it right, the process of making this bread takes from a day and a half to 2 days. Between each building there is a different time gap, each with its purpose of producing a healthy […]

Sourdough Rye with walnuts bread

Sourdough Rye with walnuts bread

I’ve always been a big fan of bread with walnuts, I think it’s the nutty flavor that really compliments the earthy deep feeling a good bread have, especially a good sourdough one. In this sourdough rye with walnuts bread the rye culture supply the yeast to our first built of the bread, this will impact most about the flavor […]

brioche buns

Brioche Buns

Brioche is a great rich yeasted French bread, it is very rich in butter and eggs almost resembling a cake texture, so how can you go wrong with brioche buns? you guessed right, you can’t, the only downfall is that it’s hard stopping eating them. I decided to go for the buns version because I’ve been searching for a good […]

olive and cheese bread sticks

Cheese and olive rye bread sticks

When I first made these incredible bread sticks I didn’t believe bread can be so addictive, I mean these cheese and olive bread sticks are just too good. The process for the cheese and olive bread sticks is similar to making regular bread dough, I started with a rye biga, don’t skip this part. In a short proofing dough, […]

english muffins

English Muffins

We had a big outdoors picnic last week and I was asked to bring some nice carb to munch on, preferably the one that you can grab and go, not something too fancy, and something kids will like so you can understand why the first thing that came to my mind was english muffins. I just happened […]

mung beans bread

Mung beans whole-wheat bread

I know what you have on mind when you hear the title of this, mung beans bread, immediately a dense thick bread image is coming up, not this time. If any, this bread is nothing but dense, it’s airy and tender on the inside with a thick crust on the outside. The mung beans, to be […]

Pão de Queijo

Pão de Queijo (Brazilian cheese buns)

If you’re into cheese roles you will most definitely love the Pão de Queijo, the Brazilian cheese buns. I can’t explain the exact texture of this bread, it’s crispy and airy full of small holes and has a texture of something between a bubble gum and soft brioche, absolutely addictive, don’t say I didn’t warn you! Pão de Queijo basics […]

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