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My first impressions of the panforte cake were its unusual texture. It is different than what we have been accustomed to when taking a bite out of a cake. Today, in the bakery scene everything is all about airy and soft texture, I really can’t think of a cake or pie which will resist a […]

Gluten-Free Puffed Rice Chocolate Treats

Gluten-Free Puffed Rice Chocolate Treats

Gluten-Free Puffed Rice Chocolate Treats are fun and easy to make, its so delicious that adapting them to a healthy version is actually quite easy, and when I say easy, I really mean it’s one of those recipes that you can make with your children, have a lot of fun and still get compliments for […]

Rustic Baguettes

Rustic Baguettes

I have to admit, Baguettes are one of my favorite breads ever, it is the perfect bread to accompany any meal and its shape is just amazing for your dream sandwich, my favorite is the simplest kind; gouda cheese and ham with butter and olive oil, yummy. Anyone who’s been to France can easily remember the […]

olive and cheese bread sticks

Cheese and olive rye bread sticks

When I first made these incredible bread sticks I didn’t believe bread can be so addictive, I mean these cheese and olive bread sticks are just too good. The process for the cheese and olive bread sticks is similar to making regular bread dough, I started with a rye biga, don’t skip this part. In a short proofing dough, […]

vegan spelt crackers

Whole-wheat and grains Vegan Spelt Crackers

When I’m looking for a healthy snack, something that I can eat as is or with a dip I make these vegan spelt crackers. The name, Vegan spelt crackers, might not sound appealing, you probably thinking of a tasteless cracker that is indeed high in nutritional values but lack the taste, well, these crackers have it all, crispy texture with sesame and […]

mung beans bread

Mung beans whole-wheat bread

I know what you have on mind when you hear the title of this, mung beans bread, immediately a dense thick bread image is coming up, not this time. If any, this bread is nothing but dense, it’s airy and tender on the inside with a thick crust on the outside. The mung beans, to be […]

pecan and raisin bread

Whole wheat Pecan and raisin bread

Some breads are the of the fun kind the ones that you just want to toast add butter or a good jam and eat as is without any supplements. That’s exactly what the pecan and raisin bread is all about. From a baking perspective view, baking this bread is not a big deal, time frame […]

vegan tahini cookies

Vegan Tahini Cookies

After a long weekend of constant eating I needed a something healthy, preferable sweet, I went over my old recipes and came across the vegan tahini cookies which are rich in vitamins, fibers and many other nutritional values. Vegan Tahini Cookies – baking vegan is not easy When approaching any pastry without eggs or butter I […]

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