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Candied Orange Peel

Candied Orange Peel

This recipe is different than the Candied Orange Peel which is bought at snacks stores and eaten as is, we make the orange peels in order to use them in various recipes that require this ingredient. The store-bought product is dry with a thick layer of sugar topping it, it’s nice eaten on its own but […]

Creme patissiere

5 Minute Creme Patissiere

The name can be intimidating however Creme patissiere (also called Pastry cream) is a friendly cream, not harder to make than our regular custard which is exactly how I would describe it. There are several ways of making this delicious cream, there is the long and complicated way of Thomas Keller as brought on cookincity blog in […]

pistachio paste

Homemade Pistachio paste

There are some products, especially the high-end ones that you think, wow it’s expensive but totally worth it because I can’t possibly make this at home, Pistachio paste is not one of them. In fact, making a pistachio paste at home is not much more difficult than let’s say making a vinaigrette sauce, or tapenade […]

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