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pumpkin pound cake

Pumpkin Pound Cake

During the cold winter days, I find myself making more of the comforting coffee cakes and less of the fancy cream versions which takes much more time and effort, the pumpkin pound cake is a very good option of this genre of cakes, delicious and easy, what else can you ask of your coffee cake? […]



My first impressions of the panforte cake were its unusual texture. It is different than what we have been accustomed to when taking a bite out of a cake. Today, in the bakery scene everything is all about airy and soft texture, I really can’t think of a cake or pie which will resist a […]

Double-fed Sourdough Rye

Double-fed Sourdough Rye

The Double-fed sourdough Rye is one of my favorite bread versions, it’s not a spontaneous bread loaf to prepare, it stretches over 2 days (sometimes 2 and a half) however the results is spectacular and most important, although this bread has a big title hanging over it, actual kitchen work is minimal with almost no kneading. […]

Rustic Baguettes

Rustic Baguettes

I have to admit, Baguettes are one of my favorite breads ever, it is the perfect bread to accompany any meal and its shape is just amazing for your dream sandwich, my favorite is the simplest kind; gouda cheese and ham with butter and olive oil, yummy. Anyone who’s been to France can easily remember the […]

Danish swirls

Danish Swirls

There is a variety of cakes we can make with Danish dough, it’s such a versatile dough, I have to admit it’s one of my favorites, savory treats as well as sweet pastries, it will perform well, in this recipe I decided to go for the Danish swirls, once you got the dough ready, making […]

thin crust pizza

Thin Crust Pizza

What can be more fun than pizza night? it’s the kids favorite dinner and I have to say I really like it as well, we usually make the thin crust pizza which is my preferred version. The thing about pizza is that you don’t need to be a super baker in order get it right, […]

3 stage rye sourdough bread

3 Stage Rye Sourdough Bread

The 3 stage rye sourdough bread is a kind of loaf you need to have patience in order to get it right, the process of making this bread takes from a day and a half to 2 days. Between each building there is a different time gap, each with its purpose of producing a healthy […]

Sourdough Rye with walnuts bread

Sourdough Rye with walnuts bread

I’ve always been a big fan of bread with walnuts, I think it’s the nutty flavor that really compliments the earthy deep feeling a good bread have, especially a good sourdough one. In this sourdough rye with walnuts bread the rye culture supply the yeast to our first built of the bread, this will impact most about the flavor […]

Grandma's cheesecake

Grandma’s cheesecake

I’ve made quite a few cheesecakes over the years, starting from the heavy New York cheesecake, light baked cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate cheesecake etc. however I always go back to my simple grandma’s cheesecake, because for me this is the winner cheesecake recipe of them all. The idea in this recipe is simple, low-medium fat cheese of […]

brioche buns

Brioche Buns

Brioche is a great rich yeasted French bread, it is very rich in butter and eggs almost resembling a cake texture, so how can you go wrong with brioche buns? you guessed right, you can’t, the only downfall is that it’s hard stopping eating them. I decided to go for the buns version because I’ve been searching for a good […]

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