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gluten free flour mix

Gluten Free Flour Mix

I was asked to make a Gluten free bread a few years back, I had no idea how to approach this subject since all my life I experimented with regular gluten (wheat) flours, so the first step was to create a Gluten free flour mix.

I searched and studied this subject for a few weeks making all sorts of different flour mix options, eventually, I came to a flour mixture that is both possible to purchase for an average baker and can substitute a regular flour in a bread or cake recipe.

It takes time to make the flour mix, but it’s totally worth it, first because you won’t have to mix a few types of flours when making a GF bread every time you want to make one, second, is because gram to gram it’s much less expensive than buying the cup-for-cup flour that is both inferior in quality and very expensive if you’re baking on a weekly basis

Gluten Free Flour Mix –  the method

I want my flour to consist of a few factors that exist in a regular flour like a flexibility , strength and texture, these characters are much thanks to the Gluten in the flour, we can get these features from mixing a few kinds of flours and generate a mixture that will be suitable for multi-purpose baking.

The glue that originally comes from the Gluten factor can be reached from a high starch flour like Tapioca, Cornstarch or arrowroot, the flexibility will come from the fibers and the protein will come from the variety of grain flours.

This mix was tested many times and works well, it does not mean that other mixtures will not be just as good, there are many mixes and they usually vary according to what you are baking, it’s very subjective to your choice of pastry, bread or cake.



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Gluten Free Flour Mix
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gluten free flour mix


700g/ 4½ cups Corn starch
200g/ 1½ cups Tapioca starch
200g/ 1½ cups Potato starch
100g/ 3 oz white rice flour
100g/ 3 oz whole rice flour
30g/ 1oz Hummus flour
30g/ 1oz Teff flour
55g/ 2oz Sorghum flour
30g/ 1oz xanthan gum
55g/ 2ox Fibers
200g/ 1½ cups Arrowroot flour


Mix all flours and place in a container. store in a cool place.
gluten free flour mix

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