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Enjoy the Hedonistic Taste of Homemade Bread

Tired of the same old bread you get from the supermarket?

Roll those sleeves up and make your own!

With FoolProofBaking, you have a fine selection of simple recipes that are easy-to-follow and just perfect for bread lovers everywhere. Using some classic recipes (and a few new ones), we’ve come up with a list of recipes that are crispy, light and fresh.

Don’t believe those who say that making bread is difficult. All you need is the right recipe, a little help from some professional bakers and some good ol’ fashioned hard work to make bread that’ll have you reaching for more.

Healthy and delicious, our bread recipes range from the basic sourdough starter and rye bread recipes to vegan, gluten-free recipes.

Go ahead and take on the challenge. Make some bread!



One of my strong experiences in Italy was getting to the local bakery during the morning grubbing a few fresh ciabatta loaves, then going to the grocery and picking up a good salami sausage and some parmesan cheese, making a simple and delicious sandwich hard to imitate elsewhere. There is nothing like the crunchy crust […]

pecan and raisin bread

Whole wheat Pecan and raisin bread

Some breads are the of the fun kind the ones that you just want to toast add butter or a good jam and eat as is without any supplements. That’s exactly what the pecan and raisin bread is all about. From a baking perspective view, baking this bread is not a big deal, time frame […]

Gluten-Free Potato Bread

Gluten-Free Potato Bread

I was thinking of a bread for the weekend when I came up with gluten-free potato bread, it’s not that I don’t consume Gluten products, it’s just that from time to time I believe it’s a good idea to take a break from regular wheat bread, even if it’s only for a week or two. Let’s get this straight GF bread is […]

five grain bread

Five Grain Bread

Five grain bread is one of those bread loves you cant stop eating and don’t have any conscious issues about your kids eating it because it’s full with all the good stuff they refuse to eat separately. The grains supply a big variety of fibers, Iron, protein, in high amounts, adding them to the bread […]

Focaccia Bread

Focaccia Bread

I’m pretty sure I had focaccia bread in every place I went to in Italy, it’s impossible to resist this bread when you are walking down the street and smell this intoxicating smell of olive oil and bread. Usually, I don’t tend to make this kind of flatbreads because they take time and in my family, they also disappear […]

gluten free flour mix

Gluten Free Flour Mix

I was asked to make a Gluten free bread a few years back, I had no idea how to approach this subject since all my life I experimented with regular gluten (wheat) flours, so the first step was to create a Gluten free flour mix. I searched and studied this subject for a few weeks making all sorts […]

challah bread

Challah Bread

What can I say about this fluffy soft tender Challah Bread? it’s the incorporation of cake and bread to make a great loaf. The Challah Bread is the Jewish Shabbat bread which means it has to be extravagant to honor the resting day, indeed it is, we refer to it as a connecting link between a brioche and […]

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